Our Philosophy

Brewing is a job that requires a lot of personal commitment.

We do not count the time spent but rather the number of smiles that we will bring during the tasting of our products. Les retours clients sont essentiels afin de produire la meilleure bière possible.

Beer is an infinite world of aromas, flavors, interesting textures. Our desire is to promote beer as a noble and complex beverage. Noble because it is handcrafted, complex because the production of beer involves biological, chemical and physical phenomena.

This is what makes this job exciting.

The quality of a beer also depends on the choice of raw materials. The 100% pure malt beers are brewed from barley and wheat from the best malting houses, more or less roasted depending on the recipe.

The residues from the brewing of cereals are used for animal feed on local farms. It is an excellent source of protein.

A good beer is first and foremost a good malt

That's why we mainly get our supplies from La Malterie de Bretagne located in Scaër (29): 100% local malt, 100% organic, 100% fair trade! The malt is produced from barley from organic farming grown in South Finistère – Brittany. We also get our supplies from Malterie du Château (Belgium) and Malteries Soufflet (France).

And wirthout forgetting the famous hops

Hops are the bitterness and aromas of beer. With more than 100 known and referenced varieties, the brewer is spoiled for choice.

And yet, this ingredient and its use are crucial for a good beer. There is also a certain tension on the hops market, and even more on organic hops.

At La Fréheloise, we go as close as possible with Fréhel hops: it has been 3 years since Mathieu Juhel, a poly-activity farmer, has been harvesting organic hops and supplying our brewery.

We also collaborate occasionally with the Malterie du Château.


And the yeast

Schaccaromyces cervisae ….

Rarely put in the spotlight, yeast is nevertheless important!

At La Freheloise, we use high fermentation strains, and we select them for each recipe.


Concerned about the quality of our products, we regularly submit our brews to the Biocéane laboratory (Couëron – 44).