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The range of Dukez (Dukez: duchess, in Breton) offers beers: blond, amber or white; they are brewed with spices.

Dukez Melen

Blond beer with light and sweet bitterness

Dukez Melen is a blond beer: lemon and ginger peel accompany a light and sweet bitterness; its alcohol content and roundness make it an aperitif beer. Alcohol 6.5%

Available in 33cl, 75cl


Dukez Gwenn

White beer with bitter orange peel       

Dukez Gwenn is a white beer: the bitter orange peel, the hops used and the alcohol content make it a summer beer. Alcohol 5.5%

Available in 33cl, 75cl


Dukez Ruz

Amber beer without particular bitterness

Dukez Ruz is an amber beer: brewed with three barley malts, it offers essentially malty aromas, without any particular bitterness. Alcohol 6.5%.

Médaillée d’Or des bières bretonnes en 2016 – catégorie ambrée

Available in 33cl, 75cl



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