Near Cap Fréhel, our brewery is located in a site with a remarkable natural heritage. With its 3 kilometers of beach, an impressive point of view, from the top of its 70 meter cliffs, an ornithological reserve where guillemots, gulls, seagulls rub shoulders, ... Cap Fréhel imposes itself on you and imposed itself on us .

In love with its places and its history, with the medieval castle Fort La Latte, one of the largest Breton castles, we have chosen to be part of this decor.

Our logo therefore incorporates the ermine, symbol of Brittany, which inspired our motto "Rather death than defilement". Indeed, the story says thatthe Duchess Anne of Brittany, during a hunt, would have seen an ermine, tracked by dogs, preferring to die than to get dirty by crossing a muddy pond. Fascinated, the Duchess spared her life and made the ermine her emblem.

As a Breton, it is a way of displaying our attachment to our country, and through our know-how contributing to the enhancement of the cultural territory of the Côtes d'Armor and Brittany. 

Our Philosophy

Welcome to La Fréhéloise

Near Cap Fréhel, Fort La Latte, La Fréheloise micro-brewery revendique son ancrage au terroir breton et produit avec passion des bières non filtrées, non pasteurisées à Fréhel.

It offers several craft beers, including an organic range.

Our latest ones

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Proposez à vos invités une bière fraiche, artisanale et locale, avec une de nos tireuses disponibles sous réservation

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